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At Arkangel Acoustics, we understand the importance of effective noise reduction solutions. That's why we provide specialized attenuation technology and support to help you find the perfect solution for your nuisance noise problems.

With 36 years of industrial and commercial experience in air movement and 14 years specifically in noise, we have developed effective acoustic enclosures and noise containment strategies for generators and other noisy equipment.

Our enclosures accommodate flexibility in design and equipment configuration. We design around ease of access to the equipment for maintenance and repairs.

Premium best-of-breed materials are used in their construction. All our enclosures carry a 24-month workmanship and materials warranty.

Arkangel Acoustics provides you with that support to find solutions to nuisance noise issues.


 Arkangel acoustics compact and effective acoustic cabinet has reduced sound levels to an acceptable level without impacting generator performance negatively. Arkangel are professional expert suppliers and I highly recommend their services.

Darren J. Durban

Johan from Arkangel Acoustics provided the simplest and most cost-effective solution to solve our noisy generator problem. Everything was clearly explained along the way, and meetings with CoCT officials were personally attended until we reached the required noise levels.

Warren K. Stor-Age Claremont

We can testify to the integrity and workmanship of the generator acoustic enclosure that was built and installed by Johan (Arkangel Acoustics).Their after sales service was also unusual of today`s standard practice . We needed decibel readings which were done promptly and at no cost long after the installation was complete.

David and Yanina F. Cape Town

  • By how much will the noise level reduce?
    Each installation is unique. We regularly reduce equipment (generator) noise by 25-30dB with the correct solution.
  • Is it easy to access my generator for fuel filling and maintenance?
    Yes, this is a key attribute of our enclosures; typically split enclosures on rails allow fast, full access to your generator, compressor etc.
  • Will my equipment overheat?
    No, adequate ventilation at design heat rejection rates is essential in our design process.
  • Will my equipment be protected by the acoustic enclosure?
    Yes, enclosures provide a significant additional layer of protection against weather damage, tampering and vandalism.
  • Can the enclosures be moved / removed?
    Yes, the construction allows all but the bricked-in components to be moved. Speak to us; our design can include your requirements.
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